Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the Making....

 With  recent vacation, family visiting from out of state, Thanksgiving, and some new responsibilities that I'm now in charge of....let's just say I haven't quite figured out how to balance everything going on in my life. Which I hope I figure out soon, because I want to continue to blog about all my craftiness and other things I stumble across.  So I hope for those who read this blog will bare with me (if there is actually people out there that read it), I will try my best to keep it going. But in all honesty this blog is for me so I will do what I can.

back to my post
I'm in the making of creating something spectacular!! Something that's been around in my family since I can remember and I wanted to make one for my little kiddos to enjoy as well during the Christmas season!
Can you figure out what's in the works? I'm sure the last picture will give it away. I can't wait to show you the finish project!

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