Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sew Busy

For the last couple of weeks (even months) I've been so busy with life in general, but also sewing!! Honestly though, its been a lot of fun and quite addicting. One of my favorite sewing projects to do is re-purpose things.

Like this crazy cute knee length skirt, which use to be long.

Or these once upon a time long pants that helped me get through the summer shorts!!

For those two projects I used this awesome blog.  She really does have some great tutorials!  I just wish I was as clever as she is when it comes to re-purposing or any other sewing project for that matter! Its amazing all the cute things he does. But that's what I like about her blog, she shows you how to make everything. Its Great!!

Along with that I also found a tutorial on how to make a super
easy pillow case.
My daughter loves anything princess and wanted a princess room, but she has a mom who is not so keen on the whole character themed bedroom. So we both agreed on a pillow case. Which is a great way to incorporate something "character" without going too over board. Anyway..... I'm hoping to make more of these pillow cases in the near future. ( Great gift idea by the way.)

And to end the month of September off right I was pleased to make this darling little thing for Ms. C.
Isn't this skirt just the cutest thing you every saw!?!

My friend and I had a blast making these for our little girls. I don't know exactly where my friend found the idea, but they were super easy!  I couldn't go without making something for my lil' guy. So I threw this easy tie and suspenders in to match.

 "Sew" that's what my busy life has consisted of!! And I'm sure with Halloween and the rest of the holidays just right around the corner there will be more projects to come!

Well I hoped you enjoyed, and if you ever want to be "sew busy" doing something productive..... then just whip out your sewing machine like me!!
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